Happy Birthday Neon Sign

  1. Acrylic: pouring sheet, material imported from British Lucite, conventional sheet thickness is 4MM, transparency is over 95%, anti-yellowing, environmental protection, 100% recyclable.

  2. Neon light: The patented neon light D10P developed by MATT itself. The dual-parallel dual-wire structure fundamentally ensures the stability of product quality.

  3. Manufacturing process: The pin manufacturing process effectively avoids the secondary damage to the LED when welding the circuit in the ordinary manufacturing process.

  4. Quality control: We produce neon light by ourselves, and we can strictly control the quality from beginning to end. Each sign is made independently by one person, and each sign has the unique information of the producer. Each sign can be held accountable to every producer.

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Support personalized custom neon signs:

  1. you only need to give us drawings, or pictures, or ideas, or requirements, we can help you make the neon signs you want in your heart.

  2. We are a real production factory, from neon lights to neon signs, we research and develop ourselves throughout the process. We do not have a minimum order quantity requirement, MOQ is 1. 24 colors for you to choose.

A variety of colors for you to choose:

24 color board new.jpg

Acrylic boards & Installation ways:

mattled -cutting.png

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